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PhotoRecTV Reviews Outex Underwater Housing System - 2018

PhotoRecTV Reviews Outex underwater housing system after 6 months of use

Photography expert Toby Gelatin from PhotoRec TV spent 6 months using the Outex Pro Kit on multiple continents and various environmental conditions, including underwater.  In this review of the Outex Pro Kit he travels to Hawaii, Iceland, and the Arctics and puts the product thru its paces.  Toby is using the Pro Kit regular size cover, and the original MR86 rear glass option.  The new & improved MR86 rear glass has been shipping for a while and not only improves on his areas of concern, but also goes beyond it.  It's a sturdier, shorter tripod-mounted bracket so it's "friendlier" to more cameras and doesn't stick out.  It's also optimized so it's easier to secure.


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