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Taking Underwater Photos with the OUTEX Water Cover by Underwater Photographer Sarah Lee

Underwater photographer Sarah Lee using Outex waterproof housing

Taking Underwater Photos with the OUTEX Water Cover

If you are interested in taking your DSLR underwater and are not sure what route to go, let me share my experience using the Outex camera cover with you. I have found the Outex to be the most affordable mirrorless underwater housing option for jumping into underwater photography without spending thousands of dollars.

The Outex camera cover system is for you if:

  • You are looking to casually get into underwater photography.

  • You want DSLR-quality photos in and under the water.

  • You would like to keep your camera protected from water/dust/sand.

  • You want a system that is lightweight, easy to travel with, and essentially fits in your pocket.

  • You will only be taking underwater photos within 15ft of the surface.

  • You’re taking photos in the water for 30-60 minutes at a time but aren’t spending hours shooting in the water.

  • You are confident in the water and technically confident with your camera and understand the inherent risk of mixing any electronics with salt water.

  • You can afford a mid-range solution for in-water photography but you aren’t shooting enough to invest in a hard case surf housing or underwater housing.

What I like about the Outex products:

  • Constructed with high-quality materials

  • Very lightweight and packs small

  • Access to all controls

  • Easy to use with multiple lenses and camera bodies

  • It floats at the surface, even with all the air taken out of it

  • Most reliable of all “cheaper” underwater housings

  • Maximum tactile feedback

  • Malleable

  • Zeiss-quality glass front ports that don’t scratch easily and are super sharp

Read her full review here.

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