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Tobias Keip Reviews the Outdoor Photo Outex System at Burning Man

Reviews of Outex's Waterproof Camera Housing System at Burning Man by Tobias Keip

I'm a travel photographer from London. We went to Burning Man this year, an art festival in a dried-out seabed of a salt lake in the Nevada desert. It gets very very dusty there, and while most people there quite enjoy being exposed to the forces of nature, my camera most certainly would not. Also the dust is alkaline to if tends to destroy all tech slowly from the inside. 

@talesfromtheshore reviews @realoutex waterproof system at #BurningMan

I spent months trying to find a dust-proof housing for my Sony camera without success when I finally found Outex. And now that I'm back home I can confidently tell you that the Outex gear works amazingly. While shooting at the festival, not a single grain of dust made it through. I met so many other photographers on the festival with their cameras tediously taped and wrapped in freezer bags. Everyone was really impressed with the quality and ease of use of the Outex Kit

Here's a link to the photos I took there (incl a little plug for you guys at the end :-) 

So I just wanted to say thanks for a great and innovative product. Can't want to actually go diving with it :) 

Best regards from London, Tobi

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