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Why I made the change to Outex Water Housing by Neal Lally

Underwater Camera Case Review. A look into why I made the transition from the traditional hard body case to the Outex waterproof housing systems.

Waterproof camera case review by photographer Neil Lally

Advantages of a flexible, universal, travel friendly case over tradition hard-case housings.

Outex water housings have reinspired my photography. After years of shooting with my larger, bulkier and much more expensive water housing that needed to be updated to fit each camera body in your quiver I made the change over to the Outex water housing system. 

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It all started when I picked up my camera and headed out fly fishing with some friends for the first time since I was a kid. This was the day that I knew I wanted to find a different perspective to photograph the art of fly fishing. 

Behind the scenes of my fishing photography review

I already owned a larger housing with a flat port for my Nikon D300 that I had purchased off of eBay a few years prior for surfing and shoreline photography which is what I used for the first few years shooting fishing. The issue that I ran into was when I upgraded my body to the Nikon D750 the housing became useless. I followed a few other fishing photographers and one of them is an ambassador for Outex so they had been on my radar for a few years. There were a few key factors that really lead to purchasing my first housing from them.

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The compact and lightweight design was the first thing that really caught my eye. After years of carrying around a bulky housing that weighed almost 5 pounds fully loaded that did not fit in any of my camera bags, it was time for a change. This housing fits in all my camera bags and can even hold up to go in my carry-on bag for travel when bag sizes are restricted on smaller planes. The other major selling was the fact that I can use it with all current Nikon camera bodies along with any future ones that I plan to purchase, mirrorless or DSLR. This saves me upwards of $2000 in gear upgrades to go along with any new body purchase. 


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Although life got a little hectic after I purchased the housing and I was not able to use it as much as I had wished, I have managed to really put it to the test over the last 6 months. I can't say enough great things about these Outex housings. I love how you can use all the functions of your camera while it's in the housing including manual focusing, adjusting shutter speeds & apertures, and anything else you need. 
I have been loving the fact that I can switch between multiple bodies and lens styles without any major issues. Even my girlfriend who is a Canon user has been able to use it with her setup. 
To summarize, Outex water housings are one of the most underrated water housing systems out there. For $735 (USD) you can own a high-quality water housing and dome port that works with any camera in your kit. 

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