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Over the last few years Alex Voyer has made some of the most jaw-dropping images of Antarctica’s wildlife for Netflix's Our Planet. Here he shares his story of what it’s like to shoot underwater.

Underwater photographer Alex Voyer represents Outex underwater housing systems

Alex Voyer is a passionate free-diver. Together with his great friend and partner Alex Roubaud, they have developed a reputation for astounding underwater photography work as well. Together they form Fisheye ( They often feature ocean life, free-divers and sports. 

Alex Voyer with Outex

Alex Voyer seen here at a Red Bull event with his old-school blue Outex

Their work has been featured in prestigious circles such as Red Bull Illume and others. Here’s an excerpt from that story. Freediving is a sport in which you should never dive alone, so it’s good to have a wingman. Ten years ago, two French freedivers Alex Roubaud and Alex Voyer teamed up and began taking every opportunity to travel to new dive spots. The pair also began Fisheye, a small association showcasing their breathtaking freedive photography from their dives. 

Alex Voyer using Outex at Tahiti Teahupoo surfspot

Teahupoo in Tahiti - One of the world's most famous surf breaks.

What’s interesting are the benefits that freediving offers underwater photography: “Freediving allows us to see the world differently to a traditional scuba diver. It’s the most discreet way to get in the water, and to approach any animal in its environment. Although we can’t go as deep, we can dive faster in all directions,” explain the duo. 

Alex Voyer using Outex at Tahiti Teahupoo surfspot

Teahupoo in Tahiti - One of the world's most famous surf breaks.

“We always alternate the dives, one on the surface and one in the deep – this is for security reasons but it also allows us to double the contact time with animals and get them used to our presence without undue stress for them. Working together is essential for us – we know each other perfectly and a few words are enough to understand each other.”

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