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Alexandre Gennari is a photography veteran, having started professionals in 1997 in sports, fashion, portraiture, urban, and several commercial disciplines (advertising, products, etc.), having been published in each of those areas.

His unique professional style has landed his work on the covers and pages of magazines such as Bicycling, Gooutside, Fluir, Hardcore, Alma Surf, Sexy, Trip, Transworld, Site Waves, and a number of other publications such as newspapers, journals, and books.  His work has also been featured on TV, and landed a permanent position with Rocky Mountain Editorial where he manages and produces monthly publications for the company in water sports, surf, fashion, running, and cycling.

You may find his commercial work for brands like Oakley, Nike, Osklen, Adidas, Rayon, Levis, and others.


Magazine covers by Outex underwater ambassador Alexandre Gennari

Surf photographer Alexandre Gennari using Outex waterproof housing

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