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Gabe is an oddly shaped being, interpreting light and information in a fleeting attempt to wade through the infinite angles of perception. DeWitt is an engineer by day, artist by night, and is driven professionally and artistically by an insatiable inquisitiveness. Everything in our observable universe can be boiled down to one simple question—Why? From the curiosity of a child to the most focused minds on the planet, this is the fundamental question. 


DeWitt's work focuses on the Why - producing intuitive visual media that tells the story (taking the ask and solving for Y). DeWitt's roots are spread in Morgantown, West Virginia, while his branches extend around the world. His life and pursuits have revolved around adventure, jumping at any chance to be outside and become more intimate with the natural world. While he remains a native to the Mountain State, he identifies more as a citizen of planet earth. "My home is just a well-constructed tent, a concept my father told my mother when she was stressing over theirs: “Honey, we’re just camping here.”

Notables: With his Outex setup, DeWitt won the 2018 Paddling Film Festival’s Best Short Film Award. His work has also been published in National Geographic magazine, Nature magazine, Kayak Session magazine, Paddling magazine, and Rock & Ice magazine to name a few. 


Gabe DeWitt kayaking with Outex underwater housing

kayaker Gabe DeWitt using Outex waterproof system in rivers and lakes



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