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Mallory Morrison is a Los Angeles based underwater fine art photographer. In her photographs, Mallory explores how the movements we make create the journey we experience.  Originally a dance photographer, Mallory blended her photography skills with her twenty-five years of dance experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions.  
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Mallory Morrison underwater dance portraits using Outex system 3
Professional Underwater Photographer Mallory Morrison using Outex waterproof system 1
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Mallory’s evolution into underwater photography allowed her to introduce another element to this union and extend the range of her talent even further.  Her use of dancers in an underwater environment allows Mallory to challenge the boundaries of people photography - utilizing weightlessness to tell stories which explore the depths of movement and composition.
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Mallory Morrison Workshops:
Professional Underwater Photographer Mallory Morrison using Outex waterproof system 2
Join Mallory Morrison for a memorable weekend underwater portrait photography workshop hosted at a private micro resort in Palm Springs, CA. September 24-27, 2021.  Learn to create the images you have been dreaming about and reinvigorate your creative process.  
You will learn how to use natural light in the swimming pool to create beautiful images, get insights into Mallory’s shooting process, and be able to shoot with 2 professional underwater models. Come jump in the pool with us!
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