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Award winning professional photographer Noah Wetzel

Noah Wetzel, a talented photographer with a passion for capturing nature's beauty, has found a reliable ally in Outex, a company specializing in protective camera housings. Let's delve into the synergy between Noah Wetzel's artistic vision and the innovative solutions provided by Outex.


Noah Wetzel at Redbull Illume Awards 2023


Noah likes to be where creativity meets innovation, and has been an emblematic force pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. One of our very own ambassadors, Noah received the prestigious Red Bull Illume Award under the category of “International Adventure”, solidifying his status as a global renowned photographer in the art of extreme sports and adventure photography.


Award winning photo by Noah Wetzel for Outex ambassador page


In the exhilarating realm of adventure photography, where heart-stopping moments meet the lens, the Red Bull Illume Award stands as the ultimate recognition of excellence. This prestigious accolade celebrates those who dare to push the boundaries, freeze-frame adrenaline-pumping feats, and bring the spirit of adventure to life through their lenses. Among the stellar talents recognized by the Red Bull Illume Award, the "International Adventure" category stands out as a showcase of breathtaking imagery that transports viewers into the heart of adrenaline-fueled escapades. Photographers from across the globe submit their most daring shots, each frame telling a story of triumph, perseverance, and the raw beauty found in the world's most challenging environments.


RedBull Illume award winning photographer Noah Wetzel profile image using Outex underwater housing


As a Red Bull Illume Award winner, Wetzel's lens captures the pulse-pounding moments that define the spirit of global adventure, showcasing the convergence of human determination and the untamed beauty of the world's landscapes. Noah Wetzel's photography is a visual journey through landscapes and seascapes, where he seamlessly blends the raw power of nature with the delicate intricacies of light and shadow. His portfolio includes stunning shots of underwater life, breathtaking mountain vistas, and awe-inspiring moments frozen in time.


Flyfishing photo by red bull illume award winner Noah Wetzel using the Outex waterproof camera housing


One of the key elements that set Noah Wetzel apart is his innovative use of technology. Wetzel employs the Outex camera housing, a tool that allows him to submerge his camera without compromising the quality of his shots. This cutting-edge equipment enables him to push the boundaries of traditional underwater photography, capturing moments with clarity and precision. Noah's underwater photography is a testament to the capabilities of Outex. The waterproof housing enables him to dive into the depths, capturing the vibrant marine life with clarity and precision. The symbiosis between Noah's keen eye and Outex's reliable protection results in mesmerizing images that transport viewers into a submerged world of color and motion.

River rafting picture by Noah Wetzel using the Outex waterproof camera housing
As Noah continues to explore the natural world through his lens, Outex stands as a reliable companion, enabling him to transcend the boundaries of traditional photography and bring his vision to life. In this collaboration, art meets resilience, and the result is a visual symphony that celebrates the beauty of our planet.


Getting started

Noah Wetzel is an award winning photographer based in the United States. Born and raised in the small town of Ripon Wisconsin, he dedicated his childhood to mainstream sports, acquiring his first camera at the age of 12, about the time he began skiing. As a teenager Noah developed an eye for imaging composition while documenting skiing adventures of close friends. Upon graduating high school, I immediately moved west to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to attend Colorado Mountain College. I had never been there. I can’t even remember seeing pictures of the town before I arrived. Pretty funny.

Hard at work, during those years I focused on building a start-up creative clothing brand (Lightpole), that aimed to inspire individuals to pursue active lifestyles with support from collaborating artists, musicians, and photographers. In 2007, I began splitting my time between Steamboat Springs and Salt Lake City. Shortly thereafter, I sold my video equipment and bought my first DSLR camera. My photography then began to evolve through shooting products and capturing action sports and landscape imagery to promote the brand. Despite the growing success of Lightpole, something was missing. Was I truly passionate about the industrial clothing manufacturing process, or should I pursue a different path altogether? Facing a fork in the road, I remained productive, slowly amassing more publication and photography jobs until one day it became clear. I’m a photographer. This is where my passion lies.


RedBull Illume award winner David Wetzel accepting his award featured on Outex waterproof housing website

The way I see it

Throughout my career, my passion has served as an amazing platform to explore new places, meet inspired individuals, and discover new interests. I’m attracted to the pursuit of art, the cultivation of an idea, and the in-depth process that makes it come to life. I believe art lies more within the craftsmanship than the final piece. I’m driven by the pursuit of technical imagery – capturing unique landscapes through a new perspective or conceptualizing action sports imagery that contains layers of complexity. Although there is artistic value in capturing a scene, I’m most fulfilled when I own a certain level of creativity within the image – focusing on vantage points, unique lighting (whether natural or artificial), pairing surreal locations with unlikely activities, or revealing rarely seen conditions within a common environment

I’m truly at peace when alone in nature, overwhelmed by its infinitude, wandering within darkness, withstanding harsh weather, and finding humor in challenging conditions. It’s an unsettling comfort - an environment and force you must not fight, but rather embrace. Nature demands awareness and composure. Within these moments I see a different side of nature - a raw side. One that doesn’t encourage visitors, but somehow offers friendship in a strange way. Each moment, each experience, is mine alone to witness.

Recently I’ve realized, my best ideas come to me in nature. It’s through exploration that I discover further inspiration, constantly analyzing the terrain features surrounding me through layers of creativity until the next imagery pursuit is born. It’s an honor to share those moments, revealing beauty that is, perhaps, always hidden – showcasing the way I envision the beautiful world around us.   

Noah says "I'm most fulfilled when I own some creativity within the image - focusing on unique features, vantage points, lighting, etc. I'm attracted to the pursuit of the art and the cultivation of an idea, and the in-depth process to make it come to life".

Photography Awards 

  • Red Bull Illume - Austria "The world's greatest adventure & action sports imagery contest."

  • International Photography Awards - 2022 - New York City "The most ambitious and comprehensive photo contest in the photography world, held annually."

  • Epson International Pano Awards - 2022 "The world's largest panoramic photography contest."

  • Memorial Maria Luisa - 2021 Spain "International Mountain, Nature, and Adventure Photo Contest"

  • Endorphin Awards - 2022 Paris "International Sports Film & Photography Contest"

  • IF3 International Freeskiing Film Festival (Santiago Chile/Montreal/Whistler/Chamonix)

  • Steamboat All Arts Festival - Steamboat Springs, Colorado


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