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Olivier Morin has been a staff photographer for Agence France-Presse for the past 27 years.

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Born in France in 1965, Olivier has been based in Bordeaux, Lille, focusing on international sports.  He was Eastern France Photo chief based in Strasbourg before becoming Chief Photographer for the Nordic Countries in Stockholm and spending Six years in AFP Milan, Italy.

He has been shooting Olympic Games, both Summer and Winter for over 12 years.  He covers major soccer, Rugby, Athletics Worlds Championships, Alpine skiing World cups, and World Championships on a regular basis. 

For the past year, Olivier is Editor in Chief Photo France in Paris. Olivier is covering a variety of daily affairs including economy, fashion and sports, his specialty, with outdoor-water features.

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Olivier won Sports picture of the year in 2013 for his shot of Usain Bolt under a lightning bolt during the 100m final at the World Championships in Moscow, and Sports Illustrated photo of the year with the same photograph, among others awards.

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