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COVID-19: Protect yourself and your camera against contagion

Dealing with Adversity

Our thoughts and sympathy go out to those affected by COVID-19. This pandemic reminds us of what's truly important.

We are grateful for the health care workers, essential businesses, and media professionals worldwide that continue to be on the front lines. Their unwavering dedication will lead us to greater understanding and better days ahead.  Several of our users and ambassadors are involved in helping and/or documenting it around the globe, whether they are health care professionals, photojournalists, or good samaritans doing the right thing.  Here are just a couple of examples from Ben Lowy & Marvi Lacar from NYC, Matt Thompson in the UK, and Brian Hodes from Los Angeles, CA.

Epicenter: New York City Locks Down from Benjamin Lowy & Marvi Lacar on Vimeo.

Brian Hodes for Outex 2

Brain Hodes for Outex

Brian Hodes for Outex

 Matthew Thompson using Outex for Covid-19

Outex meets the CDC’s recommended guidelines for safety with electronics

For our photojournalists and other professionals with video and photography needs covering this pandemic, the CDC’s website recommends putting a cover on all electronics. Besides our traditional outdoor photography history, Outex had previously served government agencies, like the FBI, to prevent crime scene contamination.  But it also works the other way around.

Outex underwater camera covers satisfy this requirement and help protect against contagion in the field. The covers are small and do not add weight or bulk to gear. The watertight hermetic seals of our cover also ensure a safe way to clean the gear after use.

Even when wearing protective equipment like gloves and masks, contagion can stay on a camera's plastic and metal surfaces for days. Users run the risk of infection when bringing the camera near their face, changing batteries, lenses, memory cards, and basic usage days after contamination.

How we’d like to help

1. Product discount.  Protect yourself, your team, and your gear.  We are offering individual and bulk discounts to the photojournalists, freelancers, small, medium, and major news outlets, and state organizations that continue to document this pandemic for our benefit. 


Individual journalist discount:
15% off all orders over $295

Bulk and news agency discount:
25% off all orders over $2,500


2. Expedited Shipping.  We will expedite orders to ship within 48 hours of receipt. We are observing safety rules during this time, but continue our operations.


How you can help us in return

1. Inform your friends

  • Inform your friends to help reduce spread/contagion.
  • Learn more at CDC and Outex website and community pages

2. Share your stories w/ Outex

  • Tag, like, follow, and subscribe to Outex on social media:
  • Send us content (b-roll, still, videos, footage). We will share, repost, tag final edits of received footage

3.  Support local business like us

  • Outex is available at and ships worldwide.
  • Our automated online store guides you thru what you need and links to FAQs and videos to answer your questions.
  • You select the shipping method and timing, and costs are automatically calculated based on cart items and shipping address. 

Tag or mention us online: #outex@realOutex

If you are a news or state agency, please email for additional questions and inquires.

We thank you for your heroic efforts. Stay safe.

In good health,

JR deSouza

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