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Underwater Camera Case

Choose Outex: Best Universal Waterproof Camera Case

A guide to the quality and effectiveness of the Outex Universal Underwater Camera Case

We know how it is. Everyone needs photos of their trips to exotic countries where they snorkel with incredible marine life, enjoy kayaking excursions, and document their surfing progression over the years. Families and individuals alike travel across the globe with the sole purpose of having experiences that will produce their most valuable memories. Needless to say, they want to do that without restrictions like water-damaging their beloved camera. You can protect your camera with the same uncompromising waterproof camera case used by professional photographers all around the world at an affordable price.

Shopping for any tech device can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. There are usually many credible options to choose from, and your focus while searching should be on which case is the best for your specific needs. This is especially true when it comes to finding a quality, durable product to keep your precious tech devices, such as your camera, safe from daily wear and tear and accidents on those wild adventures.

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Who Needs An Underwater Camera Case

You don't need to be a professional photographer to own a nice camera and want to keep it operating purposefully. Anyone who intends to experience time in the water can benefit from an underwater housing system. An underwater housing is a camera case for your favorite topside camera, but has more advanced benefits than one might consider; It allows full control of the camera when diving and is waterproof to 10 meters / 33 feet. It doesn't matter if you are a Nikon, Sony, Canon, or an Olympus user. Additionally, whether you are a DSLR user or a Mirrorless camera, you will benefit from using the right underwater camera case.

Shopping for an Underwater Camera Case - What to look for:

When on the hunt for the best waterproof housing system for your favorite adventure-enduring camera, you'll want to keep a checklist of these essential features that will ultimately contribute to a successful purchase. Underwater images are unique and beautiful - And they are all that more striking when taken by ourselves or someone we love. Key features such as reputability and durability are two apparent must-haves. Here are the most important factors to keep in mind when considering your purchase:

  • 1. Universal Compatibility
    One of the best parts of vacationing is being with friends and family. Unexpectedly there may come a time where you forget to charge your camera and have to use someone else's on your daily underwater excursion. But you can't do that if your housing system doesn't work with all brands! Thus, it is crucial to purchase a waterproof camera case that is truly universal. This way, the lenses and accessories, viewfinders, and covers are compatible with all brands, makes, and models of cameras and lenses. So if your best friend has a Panasonic, Lumix, Canon, or Nikon camera and it differs from the brand you use - you can still use the same universal underwater camera case and will be fully operational without issue. Problem solved!

  • 2. Visual/Optical Performance
    Find a product that won't just protect your case, but will also enhance the quality of the images you are taking. We recommend a case that comes equipped with a Dome glass lens. Do yourself a favor and skip the plastic or acrylic lenses and go for glass. Dome glass lenses optimize refraction and focal point distancing. They manage virtual image attributes in the water, improving clarity, and facilitating focus for split level photography both above & below water level. This means you can have a real photo op in the water without taking time to adjust between outer-water and inner-water shots.

  • 3. Portability/Transportability
    Don't put extra weight on your shoulders - pick a system that is light and travel friendly.

    One of the worst feelings is having too much to carry when traveling. When picking the perfect waterproof camera housing case are unmalleable, bulky, and take up a lot of room in your pack. Bulky cases are uncomfortable to hold while taking pictures, and often become more of an inconvenience to use than anything else.

  • 4. Multi-Purpose
    Most importantly, we suggest you find a case that is used and highly recommended by professional photographers. This means you should be looking to buy a high-quality and durable case that works for you, not against you. If you happen to be a professional photographer or enjoy photography as a hobby, you're likely running with something that has cost you a substantial amount of money and delivers perfect images. If this is your situation, you need a well-built case to support all necessary functions and produce the same quality shots while immersed in the water. In 100% of situations, you'll want something that feels as ergonomic as using your camera without a case.

The Outex Universal Waterproof Camera Case

Your duty to catch superior images of friends, family, and even total strangers - though it might seem simple to others, (being that you're usually surrounded by incredible, photographic scenery) is really dependent on the usability of the gear you work with. And now that we've prepared you to head out onto the internet to find your camera's lifelong underwater companion, here's one more suggestion to help guide you and save you time. Give yourself the creative freedom to shoot wherever you want with the Outex Universal Waterproof Case.

Why? For starters: Outex has been used by professional photographers across the globe, even as far as Antarctica. These underwater camera case systems are fully waterproof up to 10 meters (33 feet) and are built with optical quality glass on all ports (not just acrylic). This case delivers the best image quality of all others and is proven to reduce scratching when coming in contact with surfaces during your adventures. So even if you bump a rock or coral reef, you won't compromise any upcoming shots. Hands down, this underwater housing system offers more in terms of adaptability, durability, and accessories than any other camera case. Read on for detailed specifications.

Outex grows with your gear combinations.

Yes, you read that right. The Outex case has a universal design that allows you to fit the system on multiple gear combinations without having to purchase multiple covers and kits. Unlike other hard cases that only fit one body and lens, when using this housing system, you'll find that the adaptability is truly phenomenal as it works with more brands and camera styles than any other housing system that exists today.

We will say it one more time: This system works perfectly with all film cameras, medium format cameras, both DSLR and mirrorless options, and the lenses of all manufacturers. Did we mention it boasts glass dome lens technology? Both Outex glass domes are designed to fit any/all lenses by using adaptors and clamps. The design will protect your investment and increases usability, and optimizes upgradeability. Our domes support both threaded, unthreaded, hooded, curved, fisheye, etc.

The sleek, responsive, and tactile cover gives you full control of your camera's body functions and lens while submerged.

The Outex case won't leave your Sony A6000 half-working while you're on the job. This housing system is flexible and reactive, making it so easy to use that you'll probably throw out any pesky hard case that you previously owned. We guarantee that your underwater photo-taking process will be seamless with Outex because it keeps your touch screen sensitive and reactive to your instruction.

The special add-on kits support advanced gear combinations for triggers, flash, tethering, tripods, and domes.
Our products don't just stop at the case. Our systems can be configured in various ways and can work together or interchangeably as "kits." This way, you can expand the possibilities and mix and match Add-on Kits with your Pro Kit or Entry Kit for maximum coverage and efficiency. Our Covers and Front Glass optics work together to create our patented waterproof seal.

Best of all, Outex cases are 100% travel-friendly.
Our entire line of housing system products are produced with you in mind; You'll find that when traveling with Outex underwater camera case systems that they are incredibly lightweight and add no extra bulk to your gear. The compact and flexible design can be stored anywhere. You'll probably save on baggage fees when compared to inconvenient hard cases that are too bulky and require an entire travel case of their own.

If you want professional results and quality, you really can trust - go with the Outex Universal Underwater Camera Case. It covers 100% of the "important features" list that we provided at the beginning of this read and can be used for beginners and professional camera users alike. This case system can be configured to even the most complex systems on the market. So, what are you waiting for? Grab an Outex Universal Underwater Camera Case system that fits your needs today!

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