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Camera + Lighting Trigger Bundle - Brett Stanley Special Kit

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Brett Stanley Special Kit is a custom bundle


Underwater portrait photographer Brett Stanley is one of our Outex Ambassadors, and teaches underwater studio photography all over the world. We've built this custom bundle/kit after Brett asked us to design a strobe tethering system specifically for his students.

The Brett Stanley Special Kit contains the following products:

- 1 X Pro Cover T with 1 opening (Regular or Large size)

- 2 X Cable Adaptors + 2 Plugs for Tethering/Cable connection

- 1 X Front Optical Glass Port (Choose filter thread size)

- 1 X Rear Glass Port with tripod mounted bracket (Universal fit for all cameras)

- 1 X Lubricant for plug/cable 

- 1 X Radio/Speedlight Trigger Cover + Flat Port for optical triggering (Cover Flash T1 + Kit)

- 1 X 10 feet/3.3 meeter long PC-Synch lighting cable for use with light triggers

- 3 X Protective Lens Cases for the ports

The Pro Cover T (tethering/tripod) has 1 opening on the bottom that allows waterproof tethering connection to the trigger cover through the cable adaptor w/ plug at each end. This can be used to trigger above water strobes, or connect camera to a computer via USB.

The Radio Trigger/Speedlight Cover is also waterproof, but can be secured above water or float on the surface to trigger additional light sources via wireless radio or optical with a speedlight strobe.

The Cable Adaptor allows waterproof tethering to external devices, such as audio, video, power, or data.  The cable adaptor in this kit includes the required plug you need, and lubricant to help the seal.  It works with any cable that fits through the cable adaptor opening.

Outex underwater trigger system


Both the Outex Cable Adaptor and Tripod Adaptor use the same Cover T opening and share the same dimensions, so they are interchangeable.  With the Outex Cover T you can use either/both separately.  If you need to use both at the same time, you would need a Cover T2 with 2 openings. 

Here's a lighting example of using tethering to trigger multiple strobes above & below water during a photoshoot.

Please contact our tech support team if you have questions or would like to discuss variations or use examples.

Full Interview with Brett Stanley for the Outex Outdoor Photo Series from our YouTube channel, Brett's ambassador page, and the Outex community of pro photographers.

Learn more about Brett's work or sign up for his workshop on Brett's Ambassador page.


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