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10-feet Waterproof PC synch (6.35mm) to mini (35mm) Cable for Lighting, Triggers, Camera Use

$ 39.00

This Impact Sync Cord Male Mini (3.5mm) to Male PC is a straight cable, 33' long. It can connect a standard camera PC terminal to a 1/8" (3.5mm) mini female terminal (used by many remote control devices) such as triggers.

  • MULTIFUNCTION: With this multifunctional 3.5mm to male flash PC sync cable, you not only can attach the flash to the cameras Sync terminal/socket, but also can attach the flash receiver to the mololight.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The cable will work on most flashes that take a single pin plug.
  • CONNECTOR: 3.5mm Plug to Male Flash PC Sync Cord.
  • CABLE LENGTH: 10ft /300CM
  • Comes with a 6.35mm to 3.5mm Sync Jack Adapter
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