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Dome Lens Glass (Clamp and Adaptor NOT included)

$ 350.00

Outex makes 2 Domes: 120 mm, and 180mm. These are diameter measurements in millimeters. Both domes work with all/any lens, past present or future. There's additional information about the benefits, advantages, and comparisons elsewhere in our FAQ Questions pages. 

All of the Outex flat lenses screw onto your lens' filter thread (just like a UV filter or polarizer) and can work with any lens. But some lenses, such as unthreaded, fisheye, or hooded lenses do not accommodate a filter thread and often have curved lenses in the front. Those require one of the Outex dome ports. Both Outex domes work with any lens in the market, past, present, and future, because the domes are designed to be universal, and anchor to specific lenses thru adaptors or clamps.

Outex dome adaptors match the lens filter thread size, just like our flat ports would. We support all thread sizes.

Outex dome clamps anchor to the lens thru an adjustable clamp, and connect to the dome to optimize optical properties based on placement, as well as maximize stability as an additional anchoring point within the housing/cover.

The two Domes use different adaptors and clamps engineered to optimize optics and usability of each. And both are available in Accessories as kits (bundles of products) as well as in Parts where you can purchase all of our products independently. You just use different adaptors or clamps over time as you needs evolve.

Using Dome 120mm vs. the Dome 180mm is not a definitive difference maker, just as using different lenses. As explained above, the larger dome increases the variety, frequency, and compatibility of your use with your camera, lens, and set of conditions. In other words, the larger dome make it easier to "get the shot" more often, regardless of what equipment you're using, and the conditions. The smaller, more travel friendly, more affordable dome can yield the same desired outcomes. But it may force you to work "harder at it" - meaning a "more controlled" set of variables like camera, lens, focal length, setting, proximity to subject, lighting, lighting type, framing, composition, etc. And that difference is exacerbated for split level (over/under) work.

Both of our domes are also compatible with all/any of our covers, kits, and accessories.

Dome adaptors = filter thread size

Dome clamps = un-threaded lenses, such as fisheye, permanent hoods, etc.

You can purchase additional dome adaptors and/or dome clamps in PARTS. They are interchangeable with the domes.

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