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"Exposed Threads" Front Glass

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"Exposed Threads" Front Glass

$ 100.00

These are "custom" versions of our Front Ports with two important differences:

1. The threads that attach to the lens are exposed. (See Questions page for details)

2. These Front Ports have external, exposed front threads that enable use with Polarizers or external filters. 49-thru-72mm sizes have external threads of 77mm.  77, 82, and 86mm sizes external threads are 89mm, which is not an industry standard, so you can use the Outex 89-95mm Step Up Adaptor with any 95mm filter or polarizer in the market. Product available in Shop By Parts.

Outex front glass works in combination with Outex cover to create a waterproof seal and attaches to a lens filter threads to become one with the lens. Outex patented design is simple, lightweight, and compact. Outex supports all of the industry standard sizes, ranging from 49 to 105mm thread sizes, and users can also utilize step-up rings to accommodate different sizes.


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