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Phone Floating Pistol Grip, Tripod, Mount, and Holder

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Phone Floating Pistol Grip, Tripod, Mount, and Holder

$ 69.00

Floating Pistol Grip, Tripod, Mount, and Phone Holder for Outex Phone Kits

Product Description

This Outex accessory add-on phone kit combines a waterproof, floating pistol grip for your phone kit, a phone holder, and tripod mount, should you want to use it in the water (beach, pool, lake, rivers, etc.).No need for another action or travel camera when a great one is already in your pocket.

  • Waterproof, floating pistol grip
  • Pistol grip tripod mount
  • Articulated tripod mount
  • Universal, adjustable phone holder

Outex phone pistol grip with universal tripod mount and phone holder

Add on for Phone Kits - sold separately.

Product Benefits

Imaging Performance; Choose optical glass Outex ports for professional results. Borrowing from its camera-lineage, we offer professional grade materials and engineering to optimize imaging results, line of sight, optical positioning, and functionality. Optical glass, like your lens, offers superior performance and professional results.

Hannah Mermaid Fraser swimming underwater with the Outex phone waterproof case


Universal Design Fits Multiple Phones; The patented Outex design can accommodate multiple brands, makes and models while opting imaging performance, so you get the most from the phone you have, and don't need a new case every time. 

Outex waterproof camera cases can accommodate multiple phone brands, makes, and models


Compatibility; In addition to phone compatibility, Outex can accommodate a number of 3rd party accessories such as tripods, mounts, external lenses, lights, etc. It offers unmatched flexibility and modularity.

Outex underwater phone case on a tripod in a river


Transportability & Convenience; Its lightweight, malleable, compact design adds no weight or bulk to your load and fits in any pocket. So you always have it with you, and can use it in dirt, dust, mud, rain, sand, and underwater with convenience and peace of mind. You can also operate the phone's functionality while in the case, including wirelessly sending/sharing data.

What ships with your kit

  • Outex phone cover.
  • Outex phone flat front port.
  • Wrist strap to help floatation.


Product Details

  • Waterproofs to 10 meters, or 33 feet underwater.
  • Transforms your phone into a go-anywhere image capture tool, with all its versatility, power, and sharing capabilities
  • Assists flotation
  • Accessory Dome lens for superior underwater and split-level (half & half) photos


Installation video


Phone Case Dimensions

Outex waterproof phone case dimensions 1

Outex waterproof phone case dimensions 2


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