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Pistol Grip Add-on Kit

$ 200.00

This add-on kit is an upgrade and requires a Pro Kit to work.

All Add on products/kits supplement a Pro Kit you already have.  They are fully compatible with parts you already own, such as front & rear glass, accessories, etc, and add the parts you need for the desired addition, such as data, tripod, pistol grip, etc.

The Pistol Grip Add on Kit contains the following products:

- Pro Cover G with space for pistol grip (Regular or Large)  

- Pistol grip (tripod mounted) with shutter trigger

- Shutter trigger cable

The Cover G with space for pistol grip is ideal for operating a camera in any environment when one-hand operation or sharp angles are critical, such as surfing, triathlons, adventure racing, mud-runs, etc.  

The pistol grip itself attaches to the camera's tripod mount and the shutter trigger cable connects it to the camera's IO input for shutter/video control.

There's addition information on our YouTube channel and website.

The above image shows the Pistol Grip Add On kit being used with an Outex Dome and straps.

Cover that lets you attach an ergonomic pistol grip for additional stability. Shoot with one hand while you’re underwater. Lightweight construction so there is no extra bulk or weight to your gear.

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