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Rangefinder Magazine & Las Vegas Review-Journal Recognize Tomasz Rossa's underwater photo work.

Rangefinder (RF) Magazine and the Las Vegas Review-Journal both recognized artist Tomasz Rossa's underwater photography work in their publications this week.

Rangefinder Magazine recognizes Tomasz Rossa's Outex underwater photography work

Tomas Rossa says this image is part of an ongoing underwater photo project. "I have realized that my work centers around my fascination with the human form," he explains, "and I am always trying to explore interesting angles and unique positions with my subjects. I like to shoot after dark while lighting the pool with strobes positioned over the water. I find different and interesting light patterns that way."

Rangefinder Magazine recognizes Tomas Rossa's Underwater Outex work

Photographed in Rossa's Las Vegas pool, the image depicts his friend, contemporary dancer, and actor William Credell. "We have shot on numerous occasions before and it always results in something mesmerizing. The only real challenge for me was the limited time we had to be submerged."


Las Vegas Review Journal showcases underwater photography by Outex ambassador Tomasz Rossa

It won't come as a surprise that artist Tomasz Rossa was once not only an Olympic diver for his native Poland, but also an original cast member of the "Le Reve" aquatic show "O".  He later joined the creative team for LeReve and other aquatic shows. You can see it in his photography. 

Las Vegas Review Journal features Tomas Rossa's underwater Outex work

You can learn more about Tomasz' work in our Ambassador page, as well as our Outdoor Photo Series, where we talked to him about his background, photographic journey, and more.


Las Vegas Review Journal features Outex photographer Tomasz Rossa


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