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Can I Use the Outex System for Multiple Cameras and Lenses?

Yes. The Outex underwater camera housing system is modular and the covers, front glass ports, rear glass, and all accessories are interchangeable, and work with all brands, makes, and models of cameras and lenses. This includes tripod mounts, triggers, lighting solutions, cabled solutions, tethering, pistol grips, etc. Here are some additional considerations:


1. Cover Sizes

Housings come in different sizes to accommodate camera body shapes and types. Outex cover sizes are Entry (100), Pro Regular (110), and Pro Large (130). Detailed dimension specifications are provided in a different FAQ entry you can examine. A larger housing will always work with a smaller camera, but not the other way around. (There’s just leftover space inside the housing.) You can zoom, twist, turn, and operate all your functional control.  

Each cover size comes in various formats that accommodate accessories and add-ons, such as tripods (T), lighting/flash (F), tethering (T), cable adaptors (T), pistol-grip (G), Entry Kit (X), etc.  And the numbers correspond to the number of additional openings for those add-ons, such as T1 = 1 opening. T2= 2 openings. All Covers are backwards compatible, so existing Outex gear (front glass ports, rear glass, adaptors, etc.) work interchangeably with any/all of our covers. Thus, the Outex system works like LEGOS. You can build, mix and match as needed.


2. Optics (Front & Rear Glass Ports)

The rear glass is universal, and fits all cameras.

The front glass ports match the filter thread size on your lens. We support all industry-standard sizes, from 49 mm to 105 mm, and offer step-up rings of all sizes.  All front glass port sizes work with all/any cover size, and vice versa. Additional information on front glass port selection can be found in a separate FAQ entry. The kits include any one size you select/choose, and you can add as many front glass port sizes as you wish in PARTS.  Just add them to your cart and use them with any cover/kit you own. If using a fisheye, hooded, or other lens that does not have a filter thread you would need the Outex Dome kit.  Learn more in this separate FAQ entry.


3. Accessories/Add-Ons

The accessories compliment the system and serve multiple purposes, ranging from accommodating tripods, flash & lighting, holding straps, remote triggers, cables, tethering, pistol grips, zoom lenses, and more. The Outex system works like LEGOS - add-on accessories work with the Pro Kit to modularly add capabilities as needed. All the accessories are compatible with the Pro Kit configuration.

The automated accessories page options automatically recommends the right Outex solution based on your equipment and use, so when you make a selection we automatically send you the recommended size. You can request a specific size if you prefer, or contact our support team via the website or by phone. 


Examples of the product in use


We have multiple examples from customers around the world using the Outex Pro Kit Large system with not only still cameras, but video and film devices, including RED digital Cinema, BlackMagic, Hasselblad, PhaseOne, GFX 100, Canon C70, and others.  Additional examples can be found on our Community page/menu, including the Blog, News,  Reviews, and social media channels.

RED digital cinema camera inside the Outex Pro Kit Large system

RED Digital Cinema camera inside Outex Pro Kit Large housing system.

Hasselblad camera inside Outex Pro Kit Large housing system

Hasselblad camera inside Outex Pro Kit Large housing system.

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