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Cover Size Selection for my Needs.... What Outex Cover Size is Ideal?

What Underwater Case Sizes are Available? Which One is Best for my Camera Gear?

There are currently three Outex underwater housing cover sizes available: Entry Cover (100), Pro Cover Regular (110), and Pro Cover Large (130).  Larger covers can be used for smaller cameras, but not the other way around. Specifications/sizes can be seen below.  All covers are compatible with all/any Outex front port size and vice versa. So you can purchase multiple covers if you'd like. And all of our optical glass front port sizes, including both dome sizes, are compatible with any cover size, so you can mix & match and add as many of either as you'd like from the PARTS page.  The camera KITS include a size cover you select, and a flat front glass port size you select.  

Entry Cover

This cover is part of the Entry Kit. It is designed for beginners (Entry level users) because is does NOT have a rear glass opening, and limits functionality. 

Pro Cover Regular

This is the most common and fits most (80%+) of the cameras in the market. The Pro Kit ships in regular or large sizes (110, and/or 130), depending on your choice. 

Pro Cover Large

Our largest cover is designed to accommodate large camera body, such as Canon 1Dx, R3, Nikon Z9, Phase One, Hasselblad, Blackmagic, and others. It's also good for use with battery grips or other attachments that extend the size of the camera. The Pro Cover large is also ideal for long/large lenses, that exceed 200mm focal length. 

Specifications of the physical dimensions of all 3 sizes can be seen below.

All Pro covers work with all/any rear and or front glass options. 

The video below shows them side by size for size and usability comparison:

Here's a Pro Cover Regular in use below, as an example:

Different Rear options.  Learn more about the Rear Glass use and options for Outex on our separate FAQ Rear Glass page.

Large Pro Kit vs. Regular Pro Kit vs. Small Entry kit Outex underwater housing comparison

Add-ons, Accessories, and Compatibility

Each cover size comes in various formats that accommodate add-on accessories  such as tripods (T), lighting/flash (F), tethering (T), cable adaptors (T), pistol-grip (G), etc.  The numbers correspond to the number of additional such openings.

Pro Cover ("T0") = 0 extra openings
Pro Cover T1 = 1 extra opening
Pro Cover T2 = 2 extra openings
All are available in either/both sizes.

All Covers are backwards compatible, so existing Outex gear (front glass ports, rear glass, accessories etc.) work interchangeably with any/all of our PRO covers.  

The Outex system works like LEGOS. You can build, mix and match as needed.
Size specifications for the Outex Covers
Outex system cover size chart 
All of the images below are of the same Outex Pro Regular Cover (110), which fits a majority of DSLR, film, and Mirrorless cameras, as well as most lenses.

Pro Cover Regular (110)
Outex underwater housing
Canon DSLR 6D + 24-105mm f/4 lens inside Pro Cover Regular (110) 
Outex underwater housing
Canon 5D mk 2 + 70-200mm f/2.8 lens inside  Pro Cover Regular (110) 
Outex underwater housing
Nikon D5500 + 35mm lens inside  Pro Cover Regular (110) 
Outex underwater housing
Sony A7R3 + 16-35mm f/2.8 inside  Pro Cover Regular (110) 
Outex underwater housing
Side by size Kits showing same  Pro Cover Regular (110) using different front ports.
Outex underwater housing with domes
Explore the rest of the FAQ pages or contact our support team if you need additional help with anything you cannot find online.

We have multiple examples from customers around the world using the Outex Pro Kit Large system with not only still cameras, but video and film devices, including RED digital Cinema, BlackMagic, Hasselblad, PhaseOne, GFX 100, Canon C70, and others.  Additional examples can be found on our Community page/menu, including the Blog, News,  Reviews, and social media channels.

RED digital cinema camera inside the Outex Pro Kit Large system

RED Digital Cinema camera inside Outex Pro Kit Large housing system.

Hasselblad camera inside Outex Pro Kit Large housing system

Hasselblad camera inside Outex Pro Kit Large housing system.

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