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Cover Size Selection for my Needs.... What Outex Cover Size is Ideal?

What Outex Cover Sizes are Available? Which One is Best for my Gear?

There are currently three Outex underwater housing cover sizes available: 100, 110, 130. Larger covers can be used for smaller cameras, but not the other way around.  
Small (Entry Kit

This kit is designed for compact and mirrorless cameras, but works with DSLR. The Entry Kit ships with Cover 100X (Small). "X" denotes no opening for the glass

Medium (Pro Kit Regular)

This is the most common and fits most cameras (other than full-body). The Pro Kit ships in regular or large sizes (110, and/or 130), depending on your camera or specific choice.


Large (Pro Kit Large)

Our largest kit works with full body cameras or cameras using a battery grip. 

All Pro covers work with all/any rear and or front glass options. 

Large Pro Kit vs. Regular Pro Kit vs. Small Entry kit Outex underwater housing comparison

Add-ons, Accessories, and Compatibility

Each size comes in various formats that accommodate accessories and add-ons, such as tripods (T), lighting/flash (F), tethering (T), cable adaptors (T), pistol-grip (G), Entry Kit (X), etc.  T1 = 1 opening. T2= 2 openings.

All Covers are backwards compatible, so existing Outex gear (lenses, viewfinders, adaptors, etc.) work interchangeably with any/all of our covers.  

The Outex system works like LEGOS. You can build, mix and match as needed.
Outex system cover size chart 
All of the images below are of the same Outex Cover 110 (Regular/Medium size), using the following camera and lens combinations:

Canon 5D, 6D, 7D series, with lenses ranging from 12-24mm to 70-200mm

Sony alpha A7Riii series, with lens 16-35mm 

Nikon D5500 series with 18-55mm lens 
Outex underwater housing
Outex underwater housing
Outex underwater housing
Outex underwater housing
Outex underwater housing
Outex underwater housing with domes
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