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Can tele-zoom lenses be used with Outex?

Yes, the Outex covers can be used with virtually any lens.

The Outex system provides a waterproof solution that can be used in rain, mist, spray, or even underwater for most lenses. If you're using a very long lens (excess of 400mm focal length), you can also use the Outex covers open on the front for a water-resistant solution that's ideal for rain, mist, spray, and other inclement conditions.  You could walk under a waterfall and your camera would be fine. See example below.

Telezoom lens using the Outex warehousing system

Most large telezoom lenses don't have front filter threads anyway, but offer protective hoods that offer additional protection to the lens' optics. The stretchy Outex covers can extent far enough to cover all the important moving parts of your camera and lens to the point you can shoot in pouring rain, heavy spray, and other inclement conditions for extended periods of time. Ideal for sporting events, boats, rain, and other situations of changing/unpredictable environments.

The Pro Covers come in two sizes, Regular and Large. Specifications on both can be found in a different FAQ entry on our Questions page.

Outex user in Alaska

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