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Desiccant (Silica Gel) Packs - Instructions

Desiccant (silica gel) packs can be used for moisture absorption.  They are useful for wicking moisture away from the air/environment they are in, and can be used inside the Outex waterproof housings to reduce the amount of air moisture inside the housing.  That in turn helps reduce fogging.  Fogging is often the result of the heated moisture in the case's air, and often cause by the camera gear.

The desiccant packs you purchase from Outex are re-usable.  In other words, you can de-saturate them so they can be used multiple times.  A color change will denote the packs are saturated with moisture or not.  Saturated packets will start showing pink or green coloration when used.  They are white, blue or orange when new.  Saturated packets will also weigh more.

White, Blue, Orange = New/Dry/Effective

Pink, Dark Green = Used/Moist/Ineffective

To reactivate your silica gel packs, you can bake/heat them in an oven or defrost/heat them in a microwave:

1. Over: Bake packets for 1/2-2 hours at 200-250 degrees Fareheit maximum

2. Microwave: Defrost packets for 7-12 minutes maximum

Reactivation timing depends on amount of moisture contained within.  Start with the least amount of time and check that the beads have returned to their original white, blue, or orange color.


Keep out of the reach of children.

Do not inhale or inject.

Do not use for medication or food. [Our packets are designed for electronics.]

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