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Difference Between Blue & Clear Covers

The 2nd generation clear underwater photography covers improve on Outex’s patented modular system in many ways:

1. Transparency

Aside from maintaining all the previous benefits, they add full visibility to everything inside the housing. You can better control all of your operations, buttons, knobs, and accessories such as cables, triggers, or LCD screens on the camera.

2. Ease of Installation & Removal  

The new formulation makes them easier to install and remove due to greater elasticity and flexibility—so it's much easier to put on and remove from any camera and lens. It reduces the time and effort required to install the housings onto your gear.

3. Durability

The new formula increases durability significantly. The new material does not oxidize like the first generation did and is more resistant to humid environmental conditions.  

4. Backwards Compatible 

All of the kits in the automated online store are clear/transparent by default unless otherwise specified. But because we’re phasing in various models not all of the configurations are available in clear yet. The automated online store shows the corresponding blue vs. clear images in your shopping cart. The blue and clear covers are 100% interchangeable/upgradeable/backwards compatible. You can start using the blue covers in a specific configuration now and upgrade just the clear cover over time. 

See also Upgrading from the Entry to the Pro Kit for more....

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