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How deep can Outex go underwater?

Outex is rated for 10 meters, or about 33 feet for underwater use.

Outex is IP68 rated.

That rating has less to do with the housing than with the gear's operability at depth.  Outex wasn't designed to be scuba gear.  It's designed to be an all-around housing that can be used in any environment - rain, dirt, mud, dust, sand, and underwater.  We've had customers go twice as deep as the 10 meter rating than the 1 atmosphere rating, but it depends on the gear, the settings your using, and a few other things you can do to influence how compressed the trapped air inside the housing becomes before it starts to interfere with the gear's usability.

In other words, Outex does not prevent/protect against water pressure as you go deeper.  So as you swim deeper, the water pressure will start exerting pressure against buttons and the operability of the camera/lens will become erratic.  Returning to a shallower depth will reverse that effect. If you've gone too deep (beyond 10 meters, 33 feet), and are having a hard time controlling or changing settings on the camera, return to a shallower depth so you can resume using the gear normally.

The depth of use has little to do with the waterproof seal as well.  The user controls the Outex seals during installation. And can use the Outex TEST described in our Installation page to determine/diagnose any problems with the system.  

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