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How does the Outex phone system work?

Waterproof Phone Case - Universal design for all phones

The Outex phone system is similar to the camera system. It consists of a flexible, tactile-rich cover, interchangeable optical glass lens ports for professional level imaging, and accessories. The cover’s universal design accommodates multiple phone brands, makes, models, and maximizes the lens port positioning for the best camera imaging results. Outex optical-grade lens port is large enough to fit multiple phone-camera lenses and optimizes viewing angle positioning for different lens focal lengths.

Compatibility includes Apple iPhone and iPhone Max all models, Google Pixel phones, and Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S Ultra phones.  

Phone case Installation video


The Outex phone cover maintains control over functions of the phone, including the hard buttons on the side, and the sensitive touchscreen, so the user can operate all of its functions when needed. Most phones come pre-programmed to operate the camera with the hard buttons already. But you can consult your phone’s guide to further customize functions you prefer to have available. Water pressure will impact your ability to control the touchscreen underwater, but the hard buttons will provide the functionality you need.



The Outex phone kit is lightweight (weighs less than your phone) and compact. It’s designed for transportability so you can use it in any inclement condition, rain, mud, dirt, sand, dust, or water. The trapped air inside the kit helps flotation, and the included wrist strap keeps it safely connected to the user in any environment, even underwater.


Waterproof Depth rating

As with all of the Outex camera products, the Outex phone kit "doesn't care" about how deep you use it but it's not designed to protect against water pressure or for scuba diving. It's great for snorkeling, swimming, etc, but the water pressure will eventually start pressing against the phone's hard buttons, rendering it inoperable at greater depths. The "depth rating" is about 10 meters or about 33 feet. It depends on your phone, but operation is limited beyond those depths. If you go deeper and the controls stop working or show erratic behavior you know you’ve gone too deep, and things will return to normal once you go back. The ability to operate the phone/camera underwater beyond 10 meters will depend on the phone make/model, and how you’ve configured it.


Phone Dome 120mm

Outex also offers a Phone Dome 120mm. The phone dome is specific to the phone cover design, but provides similar benefits to the camera underwater domes. This optical glass phone dome corrects most of the light aberrations that occur in or underwater as light changes speeds between the two mediums. It improves your camera’s imaging properties at various focal lengths, and greatly improves split-level (half-over half-under) shots. The Outex FAQ/Questions page menu has several entries on the differences and benefits offer by the dome ports compared to flat lens ports.  Here’s one example.


Installation is simple. Please follow the instructions from our Installation page/menu.

Controlling the phone camera underwater

Outex covers are engineered of a proprietary, patented, malleable, stretchy, silicone-based material that's designed to maintain control over all your operational functionality.  Similar to our camera-based covers, the Outex phone covers maintain tactile feel over your hard buttons, as well as LCD & touchscreen electro-magnetic control.  While the cover diminishes the sensitivity & accuracy over the LCD screen, it allows you to control enough of the functionality to get you back into image-capture (camera) modes.  This ensures you can restart the phone, switch apps, change some settings, or dismiss an incoming call if you have to.

The Outex Phone kit was not designed to be kept on your phone 24/7.  Like our camera products, it's meant to be used as needed, for inclement conditions, and underwater.  It's easy to put on and take off, lightweight, and compact, making it a breeze to transport, and convenient to have it available anytime you need it.

Keep in mind that water pressure will limit touchscreen responsiveness.  The phone's touch screen will be unresponsive while submerged because water pressure will push the Outex cover flush against the screen.  It's the same effect as if you were trying to control the phone using more than 2 fingers at a time. The touchscreen is "confused" and does not respond. Return to the surface to adjust your settings or make changes. Then use the hard buttons underwater to control imaging functionality. 


Using the unlock screen phone camera buttons to operate the waterproof Outex cases underwater

Use the unlock screen on your phone to directly and easily access and operate the camera.  You can simply press the camera button on the bottom right hand corner, then use the hard buttons on the side of the phone to trigger video or photos on the camera.

Outex waterproof phone case dimensions 

Outex waterproof phone case dimensions 1

Compatibility includes Apple iPhone and iPhone Max all models, Google Pixel phones, and Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S Ultra phones.  

Outex waterproof phone case dimensions 2


Outex phone pro kit mounted onto tripod bracket with underwater lights for snorkeling
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