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Is Outex compatible with flash, triggers, repeaters, etc.?

The Outex system is modular, and there are multiple ways to incorporate flash/lighting, triggers, repeaters, and other accessories such as tripods or even tethering.  

Professional photographer Michael Stokes using Outex waterproof housing for underwater shoot

For example, in addition to using the Flash add-on kit, which includes the flash cover, glove, and lens for attached hotshoe lights/strobes, you can take advantage of a Pro Cover Large, flip it upside down, and use the extra space for a trigger or repeater.

You can browse the Add-On Kits page to browse the various options, or use the Questions page to explore options.  Our staff can also assist with tips and tricks as well as answer specific questions to which you could not find on the website.  Contact or call +1 (818) 583-7731.

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