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Is Outex compatible with flash, strobes, triggers, repeaters, etc.? Yes!

Outex waterproof camera system compatibility with flash, strobes, lights, triggers, repeaters, etc.

The Outex system is compatible with most, if not all of the lighting solutions in the market, including hot-shoe flash, strobes, triggers, detached lights, repeaters, etc. Like your camera, the Outex system is modular. It is compatible with, and grows with your needs as they evolve. The system has a number of interoperable, compatible parts that work together to accommodate your vision and needs, whatever it may be.

The Outex covers do not interfere with wireless transmitters such as RF, WiFi, IR, etc, so all of those repeaters, triggers, or emitters will still work thru the Outex covers. But water does interfere with those signals. So the Outex system is designed to accommodate those limitations, including wired cable adaptors that enable wired connections underwater, such as triggers, tethering, power, audio, and video.

There are many examples of this thought our website, and each one may include a different Outex accessory or "add-on", as we call them. Explore the COMMUNITY pages/menu for additional examples in the Blog, Reviews, News, and social media pages. You may also use keyword search on any topic of interest. 


Professional photographer Michael Stokes using Outex waterproof housing for underwater shoot


In the image above, the photographer is using a camera with a hot-shoe-attached wireless trigger inside of an Outex Pro Cover (size Large). The cover is turned upside down, and the space that would normally be occupied by the battery grip provides enough room for the strobe trigger. The trigger signals, as long as above water, are still transmitted to other above water strobes that trigger normally.

If you're using a larger body camera, such as a Nikon Z9, Canon R3, etc. you may also use one of our Flash-capable covers, and use the flash space for the trigger instead of the hot-shoe-mounted flash.


The example above shows a hotshot-mounted flash camera inside an Outex Pro Cover (Regular size) F Cover. "F" stands for Flash. All of these variations are available in the Accessories/Add-On pages of the SHOP/PRODUCTS pages, in both Pro Cover sizes (Regular or Large).


The example above shows a tripod-mounted camera using a light tray, inside a Pro Cover (regular size) and dome, tethered to strobes that light in synchronicity with the camera underwater.
Outex underwater camera system being used with waterproof LED lights


All of our Add-On accessories are available in the SHOP/PRODUCT section of our online store. Clicking on any of them shows additional product information, images, and links to more. 



And you can combine all of the above, tethered triggers for a combination of underwater lights, above water strobes, etc.  Here are more examples.


Pro photographer Brett Stanley using Outex waterproof camera system for underwater tethering with strobes, triggers, and lights


You can browse the Add-On Kits page to browse the various options, or use the Questions page to explore options.  Our staff can also assist with tips and tricks as well as answer specific questions to which you could not find on the website.  Contact or call +1 (818) 583-7731.

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