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Maintenance & Care - Outex Underwater Housing Products

Clean, Dry, & Store

Outex products are designed from durable materials like aluminum, stainless steel, optical glass, nylon, neoprene, and plastic. The covers are made of a patented silicone-based compound. When used appropriately and maintained, they are meant to last for years. Think of the Outex products as you do of your camera gear. The least durable component of your Outex system is arguably the covers themselves. They take a lot of abuse, and are designed to balance ruggedness with usability, which includes stretching, transparency, tactile feedback, and protection. You can always replace parts of your system on our PARTS page, including the covers, if they are somehow damaged.

3 easy steps for maintaining your Outex gear; Clean, Dry, Store

  • Rinse the Outex parts with mild/neutral soap and water after use to rinse and clean.  Treat it as you would treat your skin.  Avoid acidic/harsh chemicals.
  • Use a toothbrush to remove detritus from the metal parts/threads.
  • Pad components dry with a towel or cloth and let them dry before reassembling parts back together. Avoid storing it wet or assembled.
  • Store in a dry, cool place, just as you would your camera gear.
  • Refrain from folding/compressing the cover tightly when stored, to avoid creating fold-marks.  Let is "breathe".
  • Protect the cover when installed on a camera by using our carrying case during transport, even inside a backpack, to avoid hitting other hard objects.

The covers are rugged and resilient to stretching, pulling, and tugging.  They are very elastic and malleable.  But they are susceptible to punctures against sharp objects.  That includes use, storage, or transport.  For example, avoid pulling the cover against the camera's hot-shoe edge or metal neck-strap mount during installation.  Similarly, avoid impact or hits that can occur in use or transport, such as the floor of a kayak or boat, a paddle, or clanking on the inside of a backpack against other objects. Such impact is unlikely to result in large tears, but could create micro tears that would eventually allow in water when submerged.  And use a protective case during transport so other objects can compress the cover between two hard edges. We offer protective cases for the Outex ports, as well as larger neoprene cases where you can store your entire Outex kit during transport, or use it as a soft matt during installation or use. They are also available in PARTS.


Rinse the components of your Outex waterproof camera housing with tap/clean water and regular/mild soap when finished using the housing system. Make sure to remove any residue, sand, dust, or oils. It's ok to use a toothbrush on the threads to help you remove any debris. 


Towel the parts dry to remove the bulk of the water/moisture, and allow them to air dry overnight unattached for a more complete dry if you're about to store them longer term.

drying Outex underwater housing system


We offer some protective gear in our store, but you can use regular camera storage materials and compartments in your bag or closet for storage. Treat the optics as you would your other camera gear. Avoid ziplock bags or cramped humid spaces. Dry, well-ventilated areas are best. Again, store Outex where you would store other camera gear.

Outex waterproof housing front glass protective cases


Outex components come pre-lubricated from the factory with silicone oil, and lubrication lasts for multiple uses. Lubrication of Outex parts is NOT designed to change/influence the waterproof seal. It's designed to ensure a smooth, comfortable threading and unthreading of our patented parts, that create the waterproof seal in conjunction with our covers. If you notice grit or dirt on the threats, leading to poor or difficult threading you know it's time to clean, dry, and lubricate them again. We sell lubricant in our online shop PARTS page. Spread it evenly in small amounts (few drops at a time) and spread it evenly with a clean brush, q-tip, or cloth over the circumferences of the threaded rings to lubricate. 

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