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Maintenance & Care - Outex Underwater Housing Products

Clean, Dry, Store, Lube as Needed


Rinse the components of your Outex waterproof camera housing with tap/clean water and regular/mild soap when finished using the housing system. Make sure to remove any residue, sand, dust, or oils. It's ok to use a toothbrush on the threads to help you remove any debris. 


Towel the parts slightly and allow them to air dry overnight unattached for a complete dry.

drying Outex underwater housing system


We offer some protective gear in our store, but you can use regular camera storage materials and compartments in your bag or closet for storage. Treat the optics as you would your other camera gear. Avoid ziplock bags or cramped humid spaces. Dry, well-ventilated areas are best. 

Outex waterproof housing front glass protective cases


Outex components come pre-lubed from the factory with silicone oil, and lubrication lasts for multiple uses. If you notice poor or difficult threading over time on any of the rings or adaptors, apply reapply the lubricant with a Q-tip or dropper as needed. We sell it in Shop By Parts. Spread evenly in small amounts and spread it evenly over the circumferences of the rings to return lubrication. 

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