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What Outex Phone Kit Accessories Are Available?

Outex plans to sell the following parts & accessories for it's Phone line:

  • Outex Phone Covers
  • Outex Phone Lens (Optical Glass Flat Front Port)
  • Outex Phone Strap
  • Outex Phone Pistol Grip
  • Outex Phone Dome (Optical Glass Dome Port)

Covers: The phone covers are currently available in 1 universal size designed to fit most popular smartphones.  We envision selling additional sizes in the future depending on market changes for the devices.

Lenses: The optical glass flat front port ships with the Phone Kit, and ensure professional quality results that are "second-to-none".  We sell them separately in case you need to replace it. 

Strap: The Phone Kit comes with a floating wrist strap that helps ensure you won't drop or lose your phone.  It also augments float so your Phone Kit won't sink.

Pistol Grip: The pistol grip enables one hand operation of the phone kit and it's functionality.  It's ideal for in-water use and helps image stabilization.  The two-button design enables control over two buttons on your phone for maximum control.  Most phones enable you to program hard-button functionality, so you can choose your favorite method for operating your image capture apps.

Dome Port: The optical glass dome for the phone is a great accessory for underwater and split level photos & videos.  You can learn more about the impact/benefits of the dome in our Questions page related to our camera housings. The impact of the dome will be very similar - it corrects aberrations, distortions, and accentuates the separation between above & below water components in your images.  The dome port requires the pistol grip for operation with the Phone Kit and is compatible with most phone makes & models.

Additional details can be seen on our PRODUCTS pages for each of our products.


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