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Alison Teal


Alison Teal of Alison's Adventures is a soul surfer, survivor, and adventurer. She spent her childhood home-schooled in a whirlwind of high adventure by her extreme expedition parents — her father is a world-renowned photographer who’s been numerously featured on the cover of National Geographic, and her mother a legendary Yogi. Alison grew up living in some of the most primitive, inaccessible, and often dangerous mountains, jungles, and uncharted wilderness areas that cover the face of this planet. Now that Alison is old enough to drive her own camel, she is setting off with her backpack and surfboard on wild bikini-clad adventures around the world, offering her viewers a special passport into her global family and their mind-blowing cultures through humor and inspiration. In each episode, Alison finds a local companion who guides her through their universe and offers viewers a first-hand look into their secrets to survival, sustainability, and happiness. With Alison’s fearless passion for life and comedic timing, she dives into communities living off the beaten path to unearth customs and curious traditions, investigate ancient myths and legends, and entertain audiences through storytelling that captures the mystery and intrigue of the cultures Alison grew up in. Alison’s goal with Alison’s Adventures is to inspire and educate the kid in everyone through humorous entertainment that leads to action!


Alison Teal of Alison Adventures relies on Outex underwater housing for her image capture

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