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Dan M Lee

Shooting from since I could hold a camera, my first job was working in a photography store in England while at school. I went on and gained experience in music event and limited light photography from street to landscapes to sports and anything in between. Doing so gave me great versatility to service all kinds of clients throughout the world.

Now as a 40something living in New York City, I have been creating photojournalism projects for all kinds media platforms and self challenges which have been published many times.

I specialize in Travel, Adventure and Wildlife photography which has been a passion of mine and now it’s my full time job. I’ve been published multiple times online with Culture Trip and in print with Professional Photographer magazine from Future Publishing

dan m lee for Outex

A defining decade in New York City, the 1970s cultivated numerous iconic movies, bands, and cultural icons. While the 70s are long gone, they’re not forgotten – fans continue to pay pilgrimage to once-famous venues, many of which are largely unrecognizable today. Embark on a visual journey to these NYC locations that live on through film, music, and pop culture.

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