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Dan M Lee's Book: Creative Photography, The Professional Edge

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To earn a living these days, your photography has to rise above a lot of noise, so you need all the advantages you can get. Professional commercial photographer Dan M. Lee's Creative Photography book gives you succinct, hard-hitting ideas that are proven to make every shot in your portfolio a stand-out image that grabs attention and wins new clients. Clients recognize and reward creativity. It's not enough to be competent with a camera: you need to experiment, find new perspectives, and innovate your workflow if you want to stay competitive. Whether that's using drones for aerial viewpoints, or creating perfect 360-degree real-estate images, this book gives you the edge you need to make it as a professional photographer.

Topics covered include:

  • Landscapes, Cities, Skies
  • People & Lighting
  • Interiors & Real Estate
  • Air & Sea
  • Lifestyle & Concept
  • Business Building


Title:Creative Photography: The Professional Edge
Product dimensions:176 pages, 9.2 X 8.85 X 0.65 in
Shipping dimensions:176 pages, 9.2 X 8.85 X 0.65 in
Published:September 3, 2019
Publisher:Octopus Books
Appropriate for ages:All ages
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