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Warranty, Insurance, Returns, and Coverage

Manufacturer's Warranty


All Outex products are guaranteed against product manufacturing defects.  Should you encounter a problem with the materials, manufacturing process, or workmanship, please contact our support team immdiately so we can help diagnose and resolve the problem.  Please follow the installation instructions highlighted in our website and associated links.
  • Optics & Accessories Warranty: 1 Year
  • Covers: 45 Days

Outex products are made of high-quality, long lasting materials, such as optical glass, stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, and plastic, and our products warranty runs for 1 year from the date of purchase.  The covers are the exception. All Outex covers are designed to balance robustness, resiliency, malleability, transparency, and tactile feedback.  They are meant to be used, and wear over time. They can be punctured, ripped, or torn. Think of them as a pair of running shoes or tires on a vehicle. They are affordable and replaceable in Shop By Parts, but not protected against road conditions. Cover warranty is 45 days from date of purchase.


Outex products are designed to be used in extreme & volatile environments, so don't confuse our product guarantee and warranty with insurance for equipment or loss.  This is similar for any product, and common to all waterproof housings.  To stick with the above analogy, we warrant the vehicle, but not a collision.  It covers the running shoes, but not a twisted ankle. 

Photographers with photo/video business insurance are likely already covered.  But check with your agent.  If you're looking for insurance to protect your gear in the case of accidents, there are affordable options from a number of companies for as little as $100/year for $6-10K of coverage as an example, but you can obtain as much or little as you'd like. 

Here are some examples:

The Outex seal is certified up to 33 feet (10 meters), but water pressure or extreme conditions such as high-surf (10 ft+), high impact (paintballs or coral), or deep-water pressure may cause damage that is not protected by the system.

Prevent direct contact with any abrasive or corrosive products chemicals.  Treat the Outex equipment as you would your skin.  Explore our site for maintenance and care products.

All sales are final beyond 30 days.  For exceptions, returns are subject to a minimum 10% refurbish fee on all parts except covers, which we cannot refurbish or refund. The support team can help you if you have further questions. or (818) 583-7731.

The Cover is one component that wears over time, depending on use. The Clear Covers do not oxidize and last 5-10 times longer than the 1st generation blue covers. Think of the Outex cover like a pair of running shoes. It's meant to be used, but conditions and frequency will impact longevity. Signs of deterioration include discoloring, elasticity-loss, or oxidization of the blue covers. Fortunately, all of these problems would be detected upon installation. If you install it normally, it's fine. If you're having difficulty with the installation and test we advise you replace it or contact us with questions. Feel free to send images or a video to help us help you.

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