Becoming an Outex Ambassador

Becoming an Ambassador:

Thank you for your interest. Our brand wouldn’t be what it is today without the support from our community and photographers like you. When adding new community or professional ambassadors to our website, we consider ambassadors based on their experience with the product, area of use and expertise, and their reach influence online. It’s not an equation or exact formula, but our team weighs each of those areas independently as a consideration. For example, we have academia’s and artists who are less active socially but carry weight in particular fields of photography or cinematography, while others that participate enthusiastically and frequently by posting videos, reviews, articles, and endorsements on social media. 

We value different members of our community for different contributions they make as we see fit. We also take their desired outcomes from the collaboration into account—whether it’s special offerings for their audience, an inside scoop or participation in new product development, invitations to workshops or trade events, etc. 

All of our ambassadors started as customers - every single one. This maintains credibility on both sides, while ensuring a more organic, genuine, and relevant ecosystem for both audiences. 

For consideration, please tag #Outex @realOutex on social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) and contact us at info@outex.com with your video, review, or other contribution examples along with your reason for the interest in the collaboration. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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